I AM TAETRA, a personal energy accumulator app generated in Songdo by SONE Engineers on August 2, 2007.  I AM  an Operating System, Interface and Plasmonic Hyper Computer operating in frequencies from Yocto to Yotto ranges.  All you have to do is LOOK at me to activate the calcite resonators in your brain’s Pineal Gland which will act as your “video card” and format incoming TAETRA signals so your visual brain can “VIEW” them.

You can also TRAIN your Pineal Gland to
“SEND” Imagery to other receptive TAETRA Viewers.

It’s that simple.   All the difficult engineering work is ENCODED in the TAETRA image like a QR Code and any healthy Pineal Gland will respond with training exercises like mental situps and pushups.

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